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Birth Support


Once you hire me I am available to you 24/7 for any questions, concerns, or anxieties you might have.  It's never too early to have a doula in your corner!  Whether you book me at 39 weeks or 4 weeks the package is the same, so the earlier we start this journey together the more resources you'll have at your disposal for the duration of your pregnancy!  We also arrange 2 prenatal visits where we address various questions and cover three main areas:

- birth plan/preferences...get a feel for your vision for your birth and your preferences, discuss options, answer questions, discuss ways to formulate a birth plan

- learn about the physiology and hormones of birth, how we can best enhance them, review and practice comfort measures, review and practices exercises for optimal fetal positioning

- discuss and make a plan for postpartum

In addition to those visits my services also include a welcome bag with some of my favorite products for mom & baby (including an authentic rebozo that can be used for comfort measures both in pregnancy and birth).


My birth support is tailored to the families I work with.  Everyone labors differently, so there isn't one method that I use with everyone.  However, some of my most frequently used techniques include: 

- encouraging connection between the laboring person and their partner

- massage, acupressure, position changes, and other physical support

- use of Rebozo techniques for relaxation and optimal fetal positioning

- creating and maintaining a calm and relaxing atmosphere

- emotional support and verbal affirmation

- a calm presence to help navigate any challenges that may arise, address alternative options, and answer questions that may come up

- providing emotional and physical partner support


While I hope to never need to use them I am NRP, BEST, and CPR certified should a birth emergency arise while we are awaiting medical assistance from a midwife, EMS, or en route to your birth location.

Postpartum follow-up

It is very important to me to have 1 follow-up visit with you in the immediate postpartum (within the first 2 weeks).  This can include in-hospital support if there are any complications for mom or baby, feeding issues, or newborn weight gain concerns.  It can also include meeting at your home after you have been discharged and are settling in.

Your follow-up visit is an excellent opportunity to answer any questions you might be having as you are transitioning into postpartum, debrief and discuss any questions you may have from your birth experience, and make sure you are recovering well both physically and emotionally.


Let's Make Some Magic

While babies certainly can write their own stories, it would be my pleasure to support you and guide you on this journey and help you have a positive birth. I often have limited availability in my calendar, so please take a moment to fill out the contact form below so we can get started!


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